Who is Alex Piña?

Alex Piña founded Alex Pina Co. in 2014 to help small business clients that needed all round consulting and accounting. We started business in Miami, Florida and have since relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina.

What makes Alex Pina Co. different?

Small business experts

My extensive experience and expertise allows me to deliver quality advice that will help you grow your business and make smart decisions.

Goal oriented

Alex Pina Co. focuses on your goals and how you can reach them. Whether they are business, financial or personal, I’ll sit down with you to develop clear goals, then help you implement a plan to achieve them.

Speak your language

Alex Piña Co. doesn’t use complex accounting terminology or confusing language. Instead, you’ll receive plain and simple communication so you know what you need to do. I am bilingual, speak fluent English and Spanish, proudly serve a large Spanish community and am happy to communicate in the language you prefer.

Great people

I have a unique understanding of business owners from all walks of life and am passionate about helping them improve their businesses. My nationality and upbringing give me valuable insights into the Hispanic community and the ups and downs of doing business as a Hispanic in America. I speak both Spanish and English and can communicate in a way you’ll understand.

The latest technology

Cloud accounting and bookkeeping software has many benefits for your business. It saves you time, lets you work from anywhere in the world and can even save you money. With cloud software, your data will be protected by top-level security so you can rest assured your finances are in safe hands. Software like Xero and QuickBooks Online give you access to real-time financial information and insights, allowing you to get an accurate picture of your business and make better business decisions. It’s a win for everybody!

Understanding of the hospitality industry

I know what it takes to run a cafe, restaurant, hotel or other hospitality business – a lot of hard work, passion and dedication! I have also seen the consequences of poor accounting and bookkeeping practices in restaurants and coffee shops. For business owners in this industry, it’s important to work with an accountant who knows your struggles with cashflow, wastage and working long hours. Alex Pina Co. paired with your coffee shop business is a recipe for success!

Let Alex Pina Co. help you make sense of your business numbers.

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